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Life Extension Extraordinary Enzymes Supports Proper Protein& Fat Digestion 60ct


» Facilitates the breakdown of difficult plant fibers

» Stimulates proper nutrient absorption and healthy digestion

» Comprised of 12 different essential enzymes, including cellulase, lipase and protease

» Aids in the breakdown of plant fibers, which can be difficult for the body to digest properly


Extraordinary Enzymes from Life Extensions are composed of natural digestive enzymes that are necessary to digest and break down food properly. It contains 12 potent and essential enzymes which aid in digestion by helping the body break down food particles to facilitate proper nutritional absorption while helping to control stomach acids and digestive discomfort. Taking just one capsule before eating will give your digestive system the tools it needs for natural support, optimal fat and protein utilization and relief from a variety of digestive discomforts.

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Weight 3 oz
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